Interaction Designer

About Me

Moody Musician

Quirky Teacher

Food Service Renaissance Woman

…Amateur Stop-Motion Film-Maker?

“Super Deep” Interaction Designer


When I used to teach music, I created elaborate modifications of standard notation and curriculums to fit individual student needs. When I was a barista, I was obsessed with observing modifications other employees would make around a broken tool/process, then I would test, analyze, and retest different solutions. When I decided to go back to school for an interaction design degree at 28 years old, I realized I had been implementing design strategies by entire life. Whether for my own music business, teaching, or in a food service job, my brain is constantly scanning for what I could creatively improve, what problem I could solve, with minimal disruption to the workflow. I love pointing out the value of design thinking in all aspects of life, and am relentless in communicating the importance of human empathy and social impact in all design decisions. I value my past experiences, as well as those of my team mates, to guide me in discovering the solution most suited to human needs. 

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