Interaction Designer

About Me

Moody Musician

Quirky Teacher

Food Service Renaissance Woman

…Amateur Stop-Motion Film-Maker?

“Super Deep” Interaction Designer

When I taught music, I created elaborate modifications of standard notation to fit individual needs. As a barista, I constantly tested, analyzed, then implemented improvements to tools and processes. These experiments were always informed by modifications employees had already, unknowingly, integrated into their routines.

I follow a design process of understanding the user’s environment, then learning more about the problem from their perspective. Being a fierce and constant advocate for the user is an easy way to ensure that no time is wasted on designing solutions to problems that might not exist.

I…also sometimes like diving head-first into a creative project (like a construction paper stop-motion music video) with no preparation or prior knowledge of the skills required to finish such a project. While I am a pixel-perfectionist in my professional life (holy alliteration), in my spare time, I cherish any opportunity to work on the breathtaking dumpster-fire that is my art.