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Microsoft: Find My Devices

Find my Devices is a feature within the devices management experience on Accounts.Microsoft.Com (AMC). It allows users to view all their devices and their location on a single screen, with the option to ring/lock/erase any device.


Find My Devices



This was a redesign of an existing feature on We brought this feature into visual alignment with the rest of the site, and gave users the option of seeing all of their devices on one map. We also up-leveled the entry point to the feature from the device details page to the main navigation pivot on the Devices landing/overview page.



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Lead Designer



As this was the #2 requested feature on the site, it was important that it aligned with the overarching goals of the entire device management experience. Customers want an at-the-glance view of all their devices. The average number of devices owned per user is 2.7. Therefore, the biggest goal of this project was to allow for multiple device locations to be seen from the feature map.

User Goal

Make sure all my devices are safe and sound.


Old Find My Devices page

Old Find My Devices page


Opportunity: SINgle device view

In addition to a lack of visual coherence with the rest of the site, this feature was only able to communicate the location of a single device at a time. When that device was located, there was no clear call-to-action available to the user.

Solution: all devices view as default

The new designs features a scroll-able list of all devices associated with a user’s Microsoft account. Upon pressing a device, the map zooms into that device’s location, then clearly presents all the actionable items.



Opportunity: Feature lost in the site

Now that this feature is not device specific, but rather account specific, the entry point must be reexamined.

Solution: Up-level entry point

The new entry point to this feature is easily accessible via the devices overview page.